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By now, Bears fans everywhere should be hoping that I pick the lowly team from Chicago to lose. This season, that simple act has guaranteed victory for da’ Bears every time. Sorry Bears fans. I’m not touching that piece of &%$# team again this season! On paper, they should be walking away with their division. […]

Life in the NFL for your friendly hometown host is finally where it belongs.  I actually got all three correct last week.  And it only took four weeks to do it! So it’s all smooth sailing from here, right?  RIIIIIIIGHT!  (A little Dr. Evil humor, there!) Okay, let’s go for two perfect weeks in a […]

RAMS TO OPEN SEASON IN LONDON!  I just had the say that out loud again.  When I first heard it this morning, I was sure that I’d heard it wrong.  Oh, I know the NFL is trying everything to get the rest of the world to join in on our fun…to teach them why we […]