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I know, you’re probably scratching your head, sounding something like Tim the Tool Man Taylor – HUGHHMM?  (If you don’t get that one, ask your father!) Of course someone will win the World Series.  (Okay, technically it will be a team.  Lighten up, will ya’?) The problem is, this has been one of the weirdest […]

You work hard all season long just so you can gain the home team advantage in the playoffs.  It’s huge in football, with the home team winning more times than not.  In basketball, it’s rare that a seventh or eighth seed ends up with more than one or two victories before being knocked out of […]

I know, I know, officially the playoffs don’t begin until all teams have finished their 82 game season on April 7th.  But anyone who has been paying attention knows that several teams have been playing for their playoff lives for several weeks now.  Now I must admit, being from the west side of this great […]

Wow, what a game!  I was lucky enough to have been in great company while watching the Super Bowl.  My better half and some very close friends.  We were all glued to the TV until the very last second, just like the 113,000,000 other viewers that were not in Indianapolis on Sunday.  Funny thing, though.  […]

I decided to wait an extra day to talk about Sunday’s games because I didn’t want it to appear that I was eager to gloat.  You see, I’m not the kind of guy that goes around bragging when I’m right.  So the last thing I want to do is start pointing out the things that […]

Okay, I’ve put this off long enough.  The conference finals are upon us and I’ve got to make my predictions.  Shouldn’t be a problem, right?  RIIIIIIGHT!  ( A little Dr. Evil humor there!!) In recent years, it hasn’t been too difficult to pick the two winners for these games.  Usually a team (or two) has […]

Well the Divisional playoffs have concluded and, after watching nearly twelve hours of football, I learned two valuable lessons. 1)      I’ve got the AFC dialed in really well.  The NFC…..not so much! 2)      A team with a powerhouse offense and a mediocre defense needs to be on top of their game to beat a good […]

NFL playoffs!  Just saying that out loud gets the blood flowing, doesn’t it?  I mean, is there a better time of the year for true sports fans than the NFL playoffs?  All of the fantasy football leagues have finished, so we can now go back to rooting for actual teams instead of individual players.  The […]