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I must admit, I contemplated not doing this post this week.  I mean, after last week’s explosion of officiating debacles, what could I say that everyone hasn’t already thought of themselves? However, after today’s announcement that the remainder of the season will be officiated by the real professionals, I decided to come back. Here goes: […]

The first two weeks of the NFL season are always difficult to predict.  My records in each of the three categories show this, but I’m still going to share them with you.  You’ll find them in brackets (correct-wrong) for the rest of the season. Let’s begin with this week’s Lock of the Week (1-1). With […]

Week one was full of thrilling games, and week two is promising to be just as exciting.  So let’s not waste any time. Let’s begin with this week’s Lock of the Week. It pains me to say this, but this week it has to be New England over Arizona.  Historically, the Cardinals have not done […]