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Now that we’re in the homestretch, the playoff picture is getting clearer at the top and is beginning to take shape at the bottom. With the exception of the NFC East and Central, the divisional winners are pretty clear, barring any sudden meltdowns.  Several teams that believed they could turn their season around a couple […]

The football Gods have been good to me this holiday season.  They have given me three games to enjoy this Thanksgiving, and they all fit nicely into the three categories.  For this I am truly thankful. This week’s Lock of the Week (9-2). I can finally get away from picking Houston in this category, and […]

Another week, another 3-0 record.  Okay, I know it’s only three games, but I’m taking it! This week will not be so easy.  I’ll explain when I get to the “Upset” category. This week’s Lock of the Week (8-2). This one is about as easy as it gets.  While most of the other games on […]

Uh-oh, I finally got one wrong after two perfect weeks in a row.  I’m not sure which team I’m more surprised at, the Bears or the Titans.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just stay away from them both for a while. This week’s Lock of the Week (7-2). I narrowed this down to two games.  […]

Look out.  I was three for three for the second week in a row!  It’s getting scary. This week’s slate of games looks to be the most exciting of the season.  There are some great matchups and they will certainly result in a handful of upsets. This week’s Lock of the Week (6-2). There are […]

Last week’s picks were, to say the least, not very good.  To say the most, they were a disaster, thanks in part to my friends in New York.  I had the Giants and Jets both going down in flames.  So of course they both played their best games of the season to come out on […]

This week, the title should actually include the entire week, rather than just the weekend.  Read on to find out why. 1)      It’s not safe to be in the AP top ten this season! Every week we see at least one or two top ten teams get knocked off their perches, and this week was […]

Well I got a little bit of redemption last week, getting two out of three correct, after going 0-3 in week 2.  Unfortunately, my Lock of the Week pick is starting to look like the Madden’s Curse. I’ve received thousands of emails from fans all over the world, begging me not to pick their teams […]

Well, here we are on March 8th, one day after D-day for all of the Colts fans.  I’ve heard from so many people that just can’t believe that Indianapolis would release Peyton Manning, after all that he’s meant to this franchise over the last fourteen seasons.  My answer to them is simple.  WHY DIDN’T YOU […]

Well the Divisional playoffs have concluded and, after watching nearly twelve hours of football, I learned two valuable lessons. 1)      I’ve got the AFC dialed in really well.  The NFC…..not so much! 2)      A team with a powerhouse offense and a mediocre defense needs to be on top of their game to beat a good […]