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I guess I can’t put this off any longer.  The big game’s tomorrow and I’ve been reminded (okay, threatened) several times over the past couple of days that I haven’t made my prediction yet.  The big kick in the hind quarters came only moments ago when a close friend of mine made reference to this […]

Two days ago, I was pretty harsh in my critique of the Pro Bowl, the NFL’s version of the All Star classic.  I criticized it for a number of reasons, most notably for the absolute lack of defense.  If I remember correctly, I used the word ‘underwhelming’ a few times in my description of the […]

I had this day planned out perfectly.  I got up early and set the DVR to record both big all-star games for the day.  First, the NHL would bring out the best in hockey to do battle.  After they were done slugging it out, the NFL stars would take the field like the mighty gladiators […]

Some sports were made to be watched in person.  Have you noticed that?  I mean, all sports are better in person than on TV, but most are still nearly as exciting to watch on TV, thanks to modern technology.  Take football, for instance.  It’s great to see the game in person.  The pre-game tailgate parties, […]