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I almost ran out of time this week, but I couldn’t bear the thought of not sharing my life lessons this week.  So here they are. 1)      Okay, I was wrong about the whole ‘Genius’ thing! Three weeks ago, I declared Rex Ryan to be a genius, since he obviously had the world fooled (see […]

I must admit, I contemplated not doing this post this week.  I mean, after last week’s explosion of officiating debacles, what could I say that everyone hasn’t already thought of themselves? However, after today’s announcement that the remainder of the season will be officiated by the real professionals, I decided to come back. Here goes: […]

I received such a great response from this last week (see THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEKEND (from watching sports), dated 9/10/12), that I decided to make it a regular post. So without any further ado….. 1)      Okay, maybe ‘genius’ was going a bit too far! Last week I was singing the praises for the Jets […]

Since this was the first week of the NFL regular season, and things rarely go as planned in week one, I decided to make a list of a few things that I learned while watching America’s favorite sport this weekend. I came up with a short list of items, then realizing that the short list […]

I was extremely fortunate yesterday.  I was able to attend a sporting event that allowed me to witness acts of sportsmanship that are missing all too much today in professional sports.  That’s right – it was time for the local Special Olympics Flag Football Tournament! This was an exciting time for all.  My 19 year […]