Okay, so it took until week 5, but I’ve finally got my second wind. After struggling around .500 for the first few weeks, I finally picked an upset correctly and finished 3-0 for the week.

So do I feel confident that all is well and I’m finally figuring out this great entertainment machine that we call the National Football League? After all, teams that had been playing way above their talent level have begun the journey back down to Earth (Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore), while some of those underachieving squads appear to be turning things around for the better (Seattle, Green Bay, Oakland, Buffalo).

So there should be no problem making accurate picks from this point forward, right? Riiiiiiiight!! (A little Dr. Evil humor, there!)

Dr. Evil

Just take a look at the standings and you can see that things haven’t completely returned to normal. And I’m not talking about a bruised and battered Vikings team sitting as the only remaining undefeated team in the league. They are a solid squad that I still think is a dangerous opponent on any week.

No, I’m talking about the 4-1 Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys (both of whom I’ve picked to lose this week). And on the other side of the coin, the 1-4 Carolina Panthers (who I picked to win this week).

Do I have a ton of confidence in those three picks? $%#@ no!! I guess when the time comes that I feel good about my picks of those teams, I’ll know that the league has returned to normalcy (can you say Warren Harding? – Google it). Until then, hang on for another roller coaster ride. Week six is here!

NFL Football

This week’s Lock of the Week (4-0).

If there was ever a “lock” to be had, other than last week’s Patriots over the Browns pick, it’s this game.

Pittsburgh at Miami.

The Dolphins are not only lacking anyone of star quality, they are just plain lacking. Their defense is average and the offense is mediocre on a good day. They gambled on a former Pro Bowl running back that is past his prime and coming back from a season ending injury and, surprise surprise, he’s hurt again! They are 1-4 and heading down fast.

Enter the Steelers, a fully loaded scoring machine with a giant sized Pro Bowl quarterback, a top three running back (when he’s not serving a suspension) and arguably the best wide receiver in the league. They are 4-1 and getting better.

Can you say total destruction? Well, if you can’t right now, you will be able to after Sunday’s games. This could get ugly fast!

Final score – Pittsburgh 41, Miami 16.


This week’s Upset of the Week (1-3).

Well it took all the way to week five, but I finally nailed it last week. That’s one in a row. Woo-hoo!!

So are we confident in making it two straight? Uh, well, not exactly. It turns out there’s only one game that technically falls into this category this week.

Philadelphia at Washington.

Here’s a case of two average teams, playing in the same average division, hoping to grab the#4 spot so they can lose at home in the first round.

The Eagles came out flying (no pun intended – okay, maybe a little), winning their first three games, including a total massacre of the mighty Steelers in week three. So everyone started believing they were for real. I never bought it, and I still don’t. I think the only reason they’ll end up around .500 is the division they are in.

Enter the Redskins, last year’s winner of this ho-hum division, and loser at home in the first round of the playoffs. I didn’t pick them to repeat as divisional winner, and I still don’t.

However, they will protect their home field advantage against their divisional rival, and pull out the victory this week.

Final Score – Washington 27, Philadelphia 24.


This week’s Game of the Week (3-1).

If you had told me before week one that I’d be picking this game in this category in week six, I would have told you you’re nuts, with one or two more adjectives thrown in for good measure. But here we are and here’s this week’s Game of the Week.

Atlanta at Seattle.

Before the season began, I didn’t think Atlanta would win six games in the entire season. Their defense was questionable, as usual, and their offense hasn’t been healthy and fully functional in years. Which leads to the question “who are these guys?” They’ve rattled off four wins in a row, including an impressive victory at Denver last week.

Seattle began the season with a lot of question marks and an impotent offense. However, their defense us playing scary good, looking a lot like the squad that went to back to back Super Bowls not so long ago. And Wilson is injured? Yeah, sure he is. Just ask the Jets how injured he looked in week four. And then they had a bye last week? Not good news for the Falcons.

Seattle knows they need to protect the home turf if they’re going to win the NFC west. I think they’ll do just that.

Final Score – Seattle 27, Atlanta 20.

Seahawks Helmet

So there you have it. Another round of sure fire, can’t possibly lose picks. Take them to bank. Bet your mortgage on them.

Or maybe just make a friendly bet, and keep your money in your pocket! Either way, go and enjoy some football!


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