Kaepernick Supporters Missing the Point


What a whirlwind of controversy the past few weeks have brought to the NFL. That’s nothing new this time of year, with final cuts being made throughout the league. Yet this time around, the controversy is centered around one player.

By now, we’ve all heard about Colin Kaepernick’s “boycott” of the national anthem, citing this country’s oppressive treatment of people of color as his reason for showing no respect for the American flag.

As is always the case when this occurs, the majority of people that are willing to publicly express their opinions are outraged. And they have good reason to be. Too many men and women have fought over the past several centuries to preserve this land as the most freedom filled country on earth. Many have died in those efforts. The United States flag and the national anthem are two of the strongest symbols of those efforts and should be respected.

However, one of the byproducts of that freedom is the ability to speak your mind, even when you disagree with the common opinion. This is the point that Kaepernick’s supporters are angrily screaming from the mountain tops. And they have good reason to.

But here is where their train of thought derails from the tracks of logic and common sense.

First of all, their immediate argument is “he has the right to his own opinion, so shut up and leave him alone.” In other words, “he” has the right to speak his mind, but anyone who disagrees with him does not. If I really need to spend time explaining the flaw (and hypocrisy) in that argument, I fear I’m wasting my time on someone that will never get it.

Second, to think that you can jump up and down screaming your opposition to the common opinion, especially on a topic such as loyalty to your country, and not suffer any backlash, is at the very least naïve, and at the most, arrogant and condescending. The idea that celebrities of any sort should be immune to the laws of common sense because they have easier access to the media is absurd and, quite frankly, laughable.

Third, and more to the point, is Kaepernick’s blatant hypocrisy. Over the past few years, this man has had no problem reaping the benefits of this evil country, signing contracts in excess of one hundred million dollars to play a game. During his all too brief run as a top rated quarterback, his arrogance and selfishness on the field and in front of the camera was unbearable to all but the most die-hard 49ers fans. Yet, his lack of class and maturity was overlooked and he was rewarded handsomely. Now many would argue that since his career appears to have disappeared as quickly as it had emerged, he is pathetically attempting anything to remain newsworthy.

Whether that is true or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he has chosen to take a stance (no pun intended) by sitting for all pre-game national anthems, somehow believing that this will solve the problem.

Perhaps if he took some of his $100 million plus and found a way to help the same people that he claims to be defending, the general public would take him seriously.


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