By now, Bears fans everywhere should be hoping that I pick the lowly team from Chicago to lose. This season, that simple act has guaranteed victory for da’ Bears every time.

Sorry Bears fans. I’m not touching that piece of &%$# team again this season! On paper, they should be walking away with their division. In reality, they can’t be trusted to beat any team, unless of course, I pick them to lose.

Get ready to lose the rest of the games this season, Chicago!!!

Now, let’s see which teams I can trust to pick.

NFL Football


This week’s Lock of the Week (9-2).

There are a couple of games to choose from this week, but after Thursday night’s game in Oakland (yes, they actually won a game!), I’m going with the only game I’m confident in.

The Indianapolis Colts will hand the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars a very lopsided loss to take home.

All things being equal, the Colts would have won this game going away. But coming off the Sunday night beat down they took from the Patriots last week, they have something to prove – to themselves as well as everyone else.

The Jags – well c’mon, can anyone really come up with any kind of argument that would convince any football fan that they really have a chance in this one? They are a bad team that has to play way over their head in order to have a chance against another bad team. Now they are traveling to the home field a very good, and very pissed off team.

This one will get ugly fast, as the Colts bring home a huge victory!!

Colts Helmet


This week’s Upset of the Week (3-8).

Once again, there are a couple of games that I could place into this category this week. But there is only one upset that I picked this week without thinking that it was an upset.

The St. Louis Rams will beat the host San Diego Chargers!

I know, the Rams are riddled with injuries and are going back and forth between a #3 and a #4 QB right now. They’re missing players up and down the starting lineup. They’re in last place in their division. They’re on the road.

But let’s look at some other things. Like, they just beat the Denver Broncos. They recently beat the 49ers. They gave the Cardinals all they can handle. They are monsters against the run and not too shabby against the pass. All of their QBs are capable of launching the ball, just not always to their own receivers.

And their opponent has lost their way! You know, the Chargers, the team that was supposed to battle the Broncos for the division lead. The team that was a lock to be a force in the playoffs this year.

And the team that cannot generate a run game to save their lives (very applicable this week!). The team that actually has a very mediocre defense after all. The team that has become so one-dimensional that every other team has learned how to defend them.

Look for the Rams running game to explode this week, allowing their passing attack to supplement the offense, rather than generate the offense. They will churn up the play clock, forcing the Chargers to play from behind, something they have shown they’re not very good at.

Ultimately, the Rams will win this one by at least a touchdown!

Rams Helmet


This week’s Game of the Week (5-6).

What a group of games to pick from this week. Detroit at New England, Cincinnati at Houston, Miami at Denver, Baltimore at New Orleans.

But one game stands well above the rest. Call me a homer if you want, but you can’t argue with Arizona at Seattle!

The big thing that jumps out at me for this game is the unwillingness of the experts to legitimize this game. They are still stuck in the 2013 season, when no team was able to go to Seattle and walk away with a victory because the Seahawks were so much better than the rest of the NFL.

But this is 2014. The Seahawks are struggling to stay above .500. They would not be in the playoffs if they were to start today.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are 9-1, with their only loss coming at the hands of the Broncos. They have swept the NFC East and are undefeated within their division, holding a three game lead with six to play.

If these east coast experts would accept the fact that civilization exists west of the Mississippi River, they might actually know all of this. And they might actually know that Arizona was the only team to win at Seattle last season, too.

Look, I believe that we have not seen the real Seahawks yet this season. I know they are a better team than we have seen so far. But I also know that these are not happy times in Seattle. They are not the warm and fuzzy team inside the locker room that they were last year. They are splintered and it shows on the field.

On the other sideline, the Cardinals are the epitome of a team. They have all bought into the team system, and it shows on the field. Regardless of whether they are winning by double-digits or losing with ten minutes to play, the looks on their faces show nothing but confidence and the expectation of victory. Kind of like last year’s Seahawks!

I believe this will be a very close, physical game. It will come down to which team plays better in the fourth quarter. And for all of you experts in your Connecticut offices, there is no better team than the Cardinals in the fourth quarter.

I won’t be surprised if Seattle wins the game, but I’m going with the Arizona Cardinals over the Seattle Seahawks in a black and blue, heavyweight championship battle!

Cardinals Helmet

Now go and enjoy some great football!!


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