Okay, now we’re rolling. After playing .500 ball for the first two weeks of the season, yours truly has been a perfect six for six over the past two weeks. Maybe now I’ll get some respect!


Sorry, couldn’t help throwing in some Rodney humor. But admit it folks, he was one of the best!


Okay, back to football. I’d love to pump out my chest and proclaim that this is easy stuff and I will surely go 3-0 again. (I know, I know, please don’t call me Shirley…I’m way ahead of you!)

Airplane -- Shirley

But this week’s schedule has me a bit nervous. I could go the easy route and pick easy matchups to ensure my victory, but by now you know that’s not my style.

Let’s throw down the gauntlet and see if we can keep it going. Here are this week’s picks.


This week’s Lock of the Week (3-1).

This one is a no-brainer, so why not go with it, right? The Seattle Seahawks are visiting the Washington Redskins. And, believe it or not, there have been arguments made by some experts as to why the Skins might have a chance in this one.

Let’s see, Seattle has to travel all the way across the country to play an early game. Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing that one. Years ago, that may had been valid, but not anymore. And all Seattle has to do is travel a day early and poof…the excuse is gone.

Oh and don’t forget, after week three’s big OT victory over the Broncos, and a bye week last week, the Seahawks are probably overlooking the Redskins (Hey Mr. PC, can we still call them that?). Overlooking them for what? The Cowboys coming to town in week six? C’mon, they didn’t win the Super Bowl last year by overlooking any team.

The truth is, Seattle has suffered their upset for the year already and they are not about to let Washington do it to them again. Cousins will be a good quarterback in this league, but don’t look for it to happen today.

Seattle will win this one going away!

Seahawks Helmet


This week’s Upset of the Week (3-1).

This one surprised me, because I certainly wasn’t thinking “upset” when I picked this one. The Kansas City Chiefs will beat the San Francisco 49ers.

I guess you have to give the 49ers the edge because they are at home. Well, if all other things were considered equal, then you would have to. But there is no way you can tell me that these two teams are equal right now.

The 49ers are still in the middle of an inner turmoil, I don’t care what everybody from the Bay area is saying. And on the field, they ain’t so hot either! They are still making stupid mistakes and are not playing the way they should be. Last week, as I had predicted, they actually figured out how to score in the second half, allowing them to escape with a victory over an extremely overrated Eagles team. But that doesn’t mean they’re back by any means.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have their main man back and are beginning to click on all cylinders. The 49ers may be able to contain the running game, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. However, KC’s passing game will chip away at the 49er defense, 5-10 yards at a time. They aren’t flashy, but they are efficient.

In the end, any turnovers by San Francisco will come back to haunt them and they will suffer their second loss in their new stadium.

This one is KC’s to lose!

Chiefs Helmet


This week’s Game of the Week (3-1).

This game could be the most exciting game of the week or it could be a complete bust. But I’m going with the Arizona Cardinals at the Denver Broncos.

I know every time I mix in a Cards game, I get accused of being a homer. But be patient, and read on.

Both teams are coming off a bye week, so neither team has a fatigue excuse. The Broncos only loss was in week three at Seattle in overtime. The Cardinals are undefeated.

Most people will agree that the Broncos got their clocks cleaned for three quarters at Seattle and were lucky to get the game into overtime in the first place. The biggest complaint against the Cardinals is they are not scoring points like everyone thought they would this season.

So where does the difference lie between these teams right now? Well I hate to go with the obvious cliché, but it’s Peyton Manning.

Over the years, Peyton’s eyes have lit up whenever he had to play the Cardinals, racking up monster games left and right. This is a different Arizona team than any he has seen before, but you can’t write off that mental edge he has over this franchise.

And then there’s that home field advantage thing. And let’s not forget that high altitude thing. And, oh yeah, Palmer is out again, so QB #2 is starting for AZ once again. And…okay, you get the point.

Here’s the bottom line. If the Cardinals play as efficiently as they have been, this game will stay close and they might actually have a chance to win. But if they make mistakes, Manning and company will make them pay and it could get ugly.

I think it will land somewhere in between. Which means I am going with the Denver Broncos over the Arizona Cardinals in an exciting game for all!

Broncos Helmet

Now go and enjoy the games while I get ready for the Cards to prove me wrong!!!


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