Okay, that’s more like it! A perfect 3-0 on the week. In fact, I actually got 14 out of 16 correct for the entire NFL schedule, so I’m feeling pretty good. It doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily an expert (key word – necessarily), but simply reinforces my firm belief that the first two weeks of the season are always a crap shoot.

And as a Cardinal fan, it’s a beginning of a season that I haven’t been accustomed to experiencing. So yeah, life is good, football-wise!

Let’s see if we can keep it going. Here are this week’s picks.

NFL Football

This week’s Lock of the Week (2-1).

At the risk of completely jinxing things, this week is truly a lock. One of the most inept teams is traveling across the country to take on one of the hottest teams in the league. This can’t possibly be anything but an ugly game.

That’s right folks, like most people that are picking a sure thing this week, I’m going with the San Diego Chargers over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I really tried to come up with a reason to think that the Jags could actually pull this one out, but reality kept getting in the way. While Jacksonville is battling Tennessee and Tampa Bay for the worst scoring offense in the NFL, they have a firm hold on the worst scoring defense, allowing nearly 40 points per game.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have looked better each week. Only three teams have allowed fewer points. And after losing a nail biter at Arizona in the opening week, they have since beaten the defending champs from Seattle and then went on the road and shut down Buffalo.

Unless they simply don’t show up, the San Diego Chargers will destroy the Jacksonville Jaguars without breaking a sweat!

Chargers Helmet

This week’s Upset of the Week (2-1).

I’ve been catching some grief about this week’s “Upset” pick, but I don’t think it’s as crazy as it sounds.

I’m going with the Dallas Cowboys over the visiting New Orleans Saints.

I understand that your first reaction is “What the $%#@ is he thinking?” That’s okay. I get it that, on paper at least, the Saints should have their way with the Boys (no, that’s not a Catholic joke – c’mon get your mind out of the gutter). I mean they have a top three QB, the #1 tight end and a large group of good receivers and running backs.

And doesn’t Romo have the reputation of being a big yardage, big scoring QB that always chokes under pressure? How can I possibly pick them to win this game?

Here’s how – the Cowboys have finally figured out that, even with a couple of top notch receivers and a gunslinger at QB, they can only win if they continually hand the pigskin off to DeMarco Murray. And by doing so, they will be chewing up more of the clock, thereby not allowing Brees to have all of those possessions to rack up the mileage and points.

Coincidentally, that is exactly how the Saints have fallen to 1-2 this season. Their opponents have kept the New Orleans offense off the field. Brees is still leading one of the most efficient offenses in the league, he just isn’t getting as many opportunities to touch the ball this season.

If the Cowboys stick to the plan and keep the ball on the ground, the Dallas Cowboys will walk away with the victory over the New Orleans Saints. I think they will!

Cowboys Helmet

This week’s Game of the Week (2-1).

This week, I’m going with a game that features two teams that I have been critical of so far this season – the Philadelphia Eagles at the San Francisco 49ers.

This is strange one to examine. First we have the Eagles, a team that should be lighting up the scoreboard every week, but have strangely found themselves in double-digit deficits (try saying that three times fast) every week, only to stage comebacks each week, in route to a 3-0 record. They have played sloppy and don’t seem to be ready to play until midway through the second quarter.

Then we have the 49ers, a team that is riddled with injuries, turmoil and gossipy headlines. In other words, they have become distracted, and it has shown on the field. They are making stupid plays, causing stupid penalties and seem to spend more time whining to the referees than playing the game. In other words, they have lost their focus. And when you are playing in the NFC West, that spells disaster. And when you don’t score points after halftime, you’re in trouble no matter which division you’re in. The 49ers have scored three whole points in the second half this season!

So which team am I going with in this one? Well that’s easy right? Riiiiiight! (A little Dr. Evil humor there!)

Dr. Evil

I think week four will see both of these teams coming back to earth. For the Eagles, that means no big comebacks. For the Niners, that means minimal penalties and at least one touchdown in the second half.

In other words, the San Francisco 49ers will beat the Philadelphia Eagles and finally get their first home victory in their new stadium.

49ers Helmet

There you have it. Now go and enjoy some great football this weekend. We’ll talk to you again next week!


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