Another week, another “Upset” loss.  I think I’ve given up on that category this season.  I guess that’s why it’s called the “Upset of the Week”!

Let’s focus on the positive.  I’ve picked the Game of the Week correctly for five consecutive weeks.  The Lock of the Week has pretty much lived up to its name.

But still, I’ve never been known as a quitter.  And this week’s “Upset”, at least in my mind, is a sure thing.  So let’s see if we can break this streak!

This week’s Lock of the Week (14-2).

This is one of the easiest decisions I’ve had to make this season.  We’ve got one of the biggest disappointments of the season traveling across the country to take on last year’s Super Bowl runner-up.

That’s right, the Atlanta Falcons are visiting the San Francisco 49ers.  Yikes!!

The Falcons were underachieving before injuries plagued their team.  Now they’re just a bad team.  They have been struggling against teams that they should be handling with ease.  Ryan has been sacked more than ever before, and the interceptions just keep piling up.

Meanwhile, the 49ers have been picking up steam lately, and are starting to resemble the team that made its way to the big game.  Their defense is tenacious and should be able to pad their stats against the porous Falcon O-line.

This will never be a game, as the 49ers should blow them away from the opening kickoff.  Look for San Francisco to rest their starters before the fourth quarter begins.

This week’s Upset of the Week (6-10).

Okay, I opened myself up for bad karma in the opening passage by saying that this one’s a sure thing.  But I think I’ll find more of you agreeing with me than not.

You see, I’m picking the Washington Redskins to upset the Dallas Cowboys for a number of reasons.

First of all, the Redskins have been dealing with internal issues for most of the season, with RGIII being thrown into the starting lineup when he clearly wasn’t healed yet.  Now that their season is long over, the decision was finally made to put Mr. Griffin on the shelf and hand the keys over to Kirk Cousins.

Talk about a team full of happy campers!  Not only did Cousins step up to the plate and knock it out of the park last week in Atlanta, the team seems to be much looser now.  They’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by knocking the Cowboys off their perch, and possibly out of the playoffs.

Then we have the Cowboys.  Their defense is one of the worst in the league, especially against the pass.  Their play calling on offense has been beyond questionable.  Basically, if there is a way to give a game away, it’s already in the Cowboy playbook.

And happy campers?  You won’t find any on this side of the field.  Just ask Dez!!

Although this will stay close for most of the game, look for the Cowboys to fold and the Redskins to rise to the occasion and finish the game strong.

This will be a sloppy game with 400+ yards passing on both sides of the field.  The team that manages to keep the turnovers down to only two or three will bring this one home.

And that will be the Washington Redskins!

This week’s Game of the Week (10-6).

The obvious choice for this one is the rematch between the Saints and the Panthers.  I’m not so sure.

I’m heading northwest from Carolina, where the Indianapolis Colts will be traveling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs.

I know this is cliché, but this pretty much is a must win for both teams.  KC needs to keep pace with Denver if they want to have a chance to overtake them in the final game of the season next week.  Indy needs to keep pace with New England and /or Cincinnati if they want to have a chance to grab the #2 seed, allowing them to take a bye during the first week of the playoffs.

After starting the season strong, the Chiefs have come plunging back to earth.  Charles is still pounding out the rushing yardage, but the rest of the offense has cooled off.  Good thing their defense is one of the best around.

The Colts’ biggest problem isn’t talent.  It’s consistency.  One week they look like giant slayers and the next week, they’re getting punked by a team that had no business being in the game.

So which teams will show up in Kansas City?  I’m guessing that the not-so-consistent Colts will be facing off with a pumped up Chiefs team, not to mention their crowd, on a very cold day in Missouri.

Look for the Kansas City Chiefs to pull out a low scoring defensive struggle!


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