Well, all good things eventually have to come to an end.  After two perfect weeks, my picks blew up on me last week.  The “Lock” was the only one I got right.

I guess I should go with the sure things this week, just to make sure I get back on track.

Naah!  I can’t bring myself to do that.  What fun would that be?  Besides, there aren’t any sure bets this week anyway.  (Not that I was looking!)

Let’s see if I can get back on track the honest way!

This week’s Lock of the Week (6-0).

I really don’t mean to continue to pick on Jacksonville, but have you seen this week’s schedule?  What other game can even come close to a sure thing?

I know, the Jags appeared to give the mighty Broncos a run for their money last week.  That doesn’t make me think we’ll see that week after week.  Especially with the Chargers coming to town, fresh after the beat-down they gave the Colts last week!

Rivers is beginning to look like the QB he was a few years ago.  With Matthews finally getting healthy (somewhat) and Woodhead becoming a running and receiving threat,  we’re beginning to see San Diego’s receiving corps opening up, making the Charger offense a legitimate threat.

Meanwhile, the Jags are still the Jags, regardless of who is running the offense.  They might be able to put together one or two good drives a game, but it won’t be nearly enough this week.

Look for San Diego to put this one away early.

This week’s Upset of the Week (3-3).

There are several games that fit into this category this week.  I’m going with the battle of former heavyweights – Baltimore at Pittsburgh.

Until very recently, this would have been one of the games that everyone would have circled before the season began.  It is always very physical, usually low scoring, and generally won by the home team in the last few minutes of the game, with the winner getting one step closer to the division title.

Actually, most of the statements in the above paragraph are still true.  It will be very physical, it will most likely be low scoring, and more than likely will be decided in the last few minutes of the game.

Here are the differences.  The winner of this game will not necessarily be one step closer to the division title, for a couple of reasons.

One reason is the fact that Pittsburgh can’t seem to score, averaging less than 18 points a game so far through their 1-4 season.  A victory wouldn’t even get them out of the cellar of the division, let alone get them one step closer to the title.

Another reason is that team over in Cincinnati, which happens to be sitting on top of the division right now.  Although the Ravens are playing better than the Steelers, the Bengals are still the team to beat in this division.

The only reason I have chosen this game for this category is because, for some reason, the Steelers are actually favored to win.  I don’t get it.  Until I see some proof that there is actually life in this team, I can’t pick them to beat any opponent in this division.

Baltimore will battle hard and leave town with the W.

This week’s Game of the Week (3-3).

This is the easiest game to pick this week.  Not the winner, but the game.  How could I possibly choose any contest other than the one that will showcase Peyton’s return to Indianapolis.

That’s right folks, in Sunday night’s matchup, the Denver Broncos are visiting the Indianapolis Colts.  Peyton Manning vs. Andrew Luck.  The Colts’ past vs. the Colts’ future.  What more could you ask for?

Although both teams have respectable defenses, there is no way this game doesn’t finish somewhere around 42-38.

Both teams have been playing very well.  Both teams have been driving up and down the field, almost at will.  The Broncos are one of two teams that are still undefeated, and the other is in their division.  The Colts are sitting on top of their division, but only by one game.  Neither team has much wiggle room and cannot afford a loss this week.

Last week, we saw both teams play well below their capabilities.  The Broncos allowed the lowly Jags stay close to them throughout most of the game, a game they were supposed to win by four TDs or more!  The Colts traveled to San Diego and were pretty much shut down completely, not able to get anything going on offense.

Don’t look for that to happen with either team this week.  They are both too good for that.  We should see offensive fireworks coming from both teams.  The winner may very well win by 15 points, but the game won’t be decided until the final four minutes.

Ultimately, I’ve got to go with the reigning master to orchestrate a better battle plan, with the Broncos coming out on top of what is sure to be a great game to watch!


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