Life in the NFL for your friendly hometown host is finally where it belongs.  I actually got all three correct last week.  And it only took four weeks to do it!

So it’s all smooth sailing from here, right?  RIIIIIIIGHT!  (A little Dr. Evil humor, there!)

Okay, let’s go for two perfect weeks in a row.

This week’s Lock of the Week (4-0).

I’ve decided to be a sport, and not go with Denver this time.  Why, because I’m such a noble guy, you ask?  No, but thanks for noticing.

I’m going back to my old philosophy.  Pick the team that is playing the worst team in the league.  This week, St. Louis gets the honors as they host the Jags from Jax.

The Jaguars are clearly the front runners for next spring’s number one pick.  They’ve worked hard to get into that position.  They’ve created an impotent offense and a defense that is more porous that Swiss cheese.

Meanwhile, the Rams began the season with high hopes of competing for a playoff spot.  They were handed a gift-wrapped victory in week one, but have failed to deliver the past three weeks.

With the talent in the NFC this season, they know they need to deliver this week or cash it in, as any team that is 1-4 after this week will need a miracle to get into the playoffs (unless, of course, they are in the NFC East).

Hosting the Jags is just what the doctor ordered.  The Rams win this one going away, even with four sub-par running backs sharing time.

This week’s Upset of the Week (2-2).

Although I’ve bet against the odds-makers on several games this week (metaphorically speaking of course), I’m traveling to Indianapolis for this week’s upset of the week.

I know, I know, you’re thinking I’m beginning to lose my marbles.  Well you’d be wrong.  (I began losing those years ago!)

I am not detracting from my thoughts about Seattle being the best team in the NFL.  I still believe they are.  They have simply not shown us yet that they are the same dominating team on the road as they clearly are at home.

They were able to get away with subpar performances at Carolina and Houston, two teams that have yet to display their full potential.  However, the Colts have shown they can compete with the best, as they clearly displayed two weeks ago in San Francisco, when they beat down the defending NFC champs.

Now Indy comes home to host the Seahawks.  Seattle must score first and often in the first half in order to leave town with another road win.  I don’t the Colts will stand around and let that happen.

In a battle that will surely come down to the wire, Indianapolis will hand the Seahawks their first loss of the season.

This week’s Game of the Week (2-2).

Once again, I am going with a game that will be fun to watch for the fan that loves scoring.  Those of you that love a good defensive battle, I completely understand it and I forgive you in advance for all of the nasty names that you are about to send my way.

I’ve decided to go with Detroit at Green Bay.

Go ahead, get it out of your system.  I’ll wait.

All done?  You in the corner.  That’s right, the one with the Ravens hat on.  I know you’ve still got a zinger left.  C’mon, get it out while you can!  That’s better.  Okay, deep breaths.  Relax.  That’s it.  Ready to move on?  Great!

Okay, so there will be very little defense involved on the not-so frozen tundra this week.  But let’s be real, you won’t be tuning into the game to see sacks and a bunch of three-and-outs.

You’ll be paying close attention to see which QB hits 400 passing yards first.  You’ll be wondering how many passes will be caught by anyone in a Lion’s jersey that doesn’t have Johnson or Bush on the back, if any at all.  You’ll think to yourself, “Why would the punters for either team even suit up this week?”

Well, like it or not, those are the reasons that this game is my Game of the Week.  Let’s be real, once you sit down to watch this game, you won’t be getting up for anything for fear of missing the next big play.

So the real question is, which team will have the most big plays?  I’ll be honest, if this game were being played in Detroit, I’d be going with the Lions all the way.

But it’s being played in Green Bay, where the Packers tend to turn it up a notch, even when they’re not playing stellar football (you know, like this season).

Don’t be shocked if the losing team scores in the forties, but after a week’s rest from the bye, I’m going with Green Bay to hang on in a shootout and bring home the victory.


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