Okay, first the good news.  I finally picked an upset correctly (thank you Baltimore!)

Now for the bad news.  I picked the Giants to win the game of the week.  To make matters worse, I’ve got Eli on one of my fantasy teams.  Yeah, that’s right, I got my clock cleaned in that league last week!

One of these weeks, I’ll actually get three out of three.

This week’s Lock of the Week (3-0).

This may become a habit this season, but as long as the Field Marshall is generating a QB rating around 137, it’s a no-brainer to go with the Denver Broncos, especially when they’re hosting one of the worst defenses in the league in the Philadelphia Eagles.

I know the talk of the town has been the impact that Chip Kelly is going to have on the NFL as he attempts to incorporate his fast paced Oregon Ducks offense in the Town of Brotherly Love.

Lucky for the Eagles, they will be visiting the expert in the art of fast paced offenses.  If they pay close enough attention, they’ll learn how the pros do it (and have been doing it for years).

They’ll just have to remember to keep those silly thoughts of winning this week out of their heads.  Simply focus on learning from the best, and they won’t be disappointed.

Why?  Because there’s no way the Broncos don’t win this one by three touchdowns or more!

This week’s Upset of the Week (1-2).

I went against the odds makers on three of the remaining games this week, but I only feel confident in one of them.  It may seem strange, giving the scores of last week.

I’m going with the hometown Cardinals winning at Tampa Bay.

I know, they didn’t do so well last week in New Orleans.  They played a pretty good game on the defensive side of the ball in the first half.  The problem was their offense never showed up.  That kind of a game won’t ever beat the Saints, especially on their turf.

Meanwhile, the Bucs that were nearly shutout at New England last week are in complete turmoil.  Their high-priced starting quarterback has been demoted, possibly to the #3 spot, by a rookie that had an atrocious pre-season.

The Cards are chomping at the bit to get their pass rushing defense on the move.  This just might be the week it finally happens.  Their secondary should be able to handle coverage during Mr. Glennon’s son’s first NFL game.

Unless Doug Martin can sustain a formidable rushing attack for four quarters, the Bucs may find it nearly impossible to reach the end zone.

It may not be a pretty game, but the Cardinals will leave Tampa Bay with a W.

This week’s Game of the Week (1-2).

I had this game circled on the schedule four weeks ago.  We have one of the best in the AFC hosting one of the best in the NFC.  Who am I kidding.  They are THE best in the NFC.

That’s right sports fans, the Seattle Seahawks will be visiting the Houston Texans.  Many people are picking these two teams to reach their respective conference championship games this year.  Some are even picking them to meet in the New Jersey blizzard of Super Bowl XLVIII (but that’s another story, isn’t it).

I’m in between, picking one of these teams to reach the Super Bowl.  By no strange coincidence, I’m picking that same team to win this week.

So far, the Texans have not lived up to the hype, nor the expectations of football fans across the country, and especially in Houston.  They’ve struggled against two very mediocre teams, and then had their clocks cleaned by a good, but severely injured Ravens team last week.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks struggled out of the gate in week one, and then turned on the jets over the past two weeks, totally dominating both games.

So what do I expect this week?

First, I expect the Texans to show up for a change, especially with Andre back.  They won’t let the Seahawks jump to a quick 21 point lead.  But I don’t expect them to jump out to a big lead either.

Seattle hasn’t shown many weaknesses over the past two weeks.  Even though they are now hitting the road, I don’t think they’ll cool off that much.

This one should stay relatively close, but ultimately, Seattle pulls away in the fourth quarter to bring it home by at least a TD.


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