I know what you’re thinking.  “This is a sports blog, not a political editorial blog.  What is he doing writing about the bombing in Boston?”

Normally I would agree with you one hundred percent.  I have made it a rule to keep politics out of this web site.  This is, after all, all about sports.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good political debate, but there is a certain time and place for it, and discussions about sports don’t usually qualify for either.

However, this week’s events have angered me in such a way that I have decided to break the rule this one time.  Why?  Because of the level of cowardice that has been exposed during the course of events.  And when I say the course of events, I mean for the past several days.

First of all, you have the terrorists that carried out this horrible act.  Yes, I said terrorists.  I know that the FBI hasn’t released any clues as to the identities yet.  It may be an organized group of cowards, like Al Qaeda, which has not claimed credit but has made it public that they hope it was someone connected to them.  It could be another Timothy McVeigh nut job that had a personal grudge against the government, so they naturally attacked a completely non-political group of civilians.

Either way, they are still terrorists because terrorists are, by definition cowards.  They claim they are battling governments, militaries, leadership, etc.  However, their actual attacks are always against civilians.  Why?  Because if they carried out their attacks on governments, militaries, leadership, etc., they would most likely fail in their attempt and finish the day having assumed room temperature.

That’s why they chose the cowardly act of attacking long distance runners and innocent bystanders, leaving homemade bombs constructed from pressure cookers in a couple of spots by the finish line, making sure they were well out of the way before the sparks flew.

Why are they cowards?  Because they made the decision that their attack was not going to be against an entity that could fight back.  They didn’t hit their enemy head-on, like someone with an ounce of class would have done.  Instead, they attacked a defenseless group of unsuspecting people that had no reason to believe they were targets.

The second wave of cowards is predictable, but sickening.  That’s right; I’m talking about the opportunistic politicians.  The elected, and unelected leaders of government and other organized groups (you know who I’m talking about) that can’t bring themselves to let a single tragedy go by without using it as speaking points to pass their current agenda.

Every time a tragedy of any sort occurs, the same core groups of leaders jump in front of the nearest camera and begin their speeches about how terrible this was, but if only ______ (you fill in the blank) was passed, this would never have happened.

This happens when mass shootings occur and it’s happening this week.  In fact, one of the most vocal leaders (please note, I did not say one the smartest, simply one of the most vocal), the esteemed Mr. Al Sharpton, actually tried to tie these two topics together, stating that in the wake of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, why are we even arguing over background checks and gun control.

It’s hard to even mount a response to that one, but then again, it’s hard to mount a response to most of what he says.

Every time there is a tragedy, and one of our esteemed leaders jumps in front of a camera to push their pet project or legislation, I want to hit the reset button to the first Tuesday of November.  I don’t care which side of the aisle he or she stands on, they should automatically be handed a 60-day no-camera penalty for their shameless actions.

The third group of cowards is the so-called comedians.  I understand that they have to cover current events in order to remain hip with their audience.  But there are some current events that should be left out of the comedy routines.  If they had any class, they would practice this without having to be told.  Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to occur to a lot of them.

Like the political leaders, they seem to be predictable.  The super-intelligent Bill Maher (if you don’t believe me, just ask him…he’ll tell you) is always quick to pander to the left wing, so naturally he is always one of the braniacs jumping to the conclusion that these types of acts are usually carried out by right-wing nuts or Tea Party groups.

Jay Mohr jumped in with both feet this week, suggesting that it’s time that we seriously consider getting rid of the second amendment.  Hey Jay, tell me again, how would that have prevented this bombing?

Maybe Jay should stick to sports.  No wait, maybe he should stick with acting.  No, hold on, maybe it’s comedy he should stick with.  I’m not sure.  What is it he’s really good at?

Oh yeah, I remember.  Hey Jay, gimme your Christopher Walken impression again.  That’s something you can do real well!

Okay, enough with the cowards.  Let’s talk about the good guys.  Like the fire department, police department and all of the first responders that were running towards the blast site, without hesitation, to do what they could to save lives and help the injured.

Or the medical personnel throughout the Boston area that worked feverishly to keep the injuries to a minimum.

Or the portions of the news media that didn’t give inaccurate information to the public in a feeble attempt to get the scoop on the other media outlets.

And how about the sporting events.  In times of tragedy, that is one place you can go to gauge the public opinion.  We saw it in 2001, when the Yankees made it to the World Series only weeks after the twin towers were attacked by the cowards of Al Qaeda.  The fans were out in full strength, raising their fists in the air and thumbing their noses to the cowards from the caves.

This time around, it’s no different.  In fact, this time it’s even stronger.  When’s the last time the Yankees did something to show their support of Boston?  Before this week, the answer would have been “NEVER”!  Not anymore.  During the third inning of their Tuesday night game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they broke out into a chorus of Sweet Caroline, a staple song at Red Sox games.

The Boston Bruins fans showed that no coward will bring their town to their knees.  Knowing that their beloved Rene Rancourt was having an emotional time with his rendition of the national anthem, the entire crowd took over for him, belting it out with pride for all to hear.  If you haven’t seen this yet, please go to and see for yourself.  I challenge you to keep a dry eye!

The bottom line is that there will always be cowards out there that will strike innocent people because they don’t have the testicular fortitude to meet their true enemy face to face.  We’ve know them all of our lives.

These were the kids that hid in the evergreen trees and threw snowballs at the passing cars.  They were the “tough guys” that picked on the weaker kids in school.  They were the loud mouths that talked big because they knew their big friends would protect them.  Eventually, they got paid back for their cowardly actions.

And now they are the cave dwellers that occasionally stick their heads out and blow up innocent people.

Maybe if they’d stick their heads out more often, they’d know better than to mess with the United States of America!



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