Am I on fire or what?  Eleven for twelve, including another perfect day on Thanksgiving.  I could get used to this!

Uh-oh.  The schedule may not let me enjoy this much longer.  Have you seen this week’s matchups?

Okay, I’m feeling pretty good about the Lock of the Week.  But the Upset and the Game…not so much.

Well, here goes nothing!

This week’s Lock of the Week (10-2).

I didn’t even have to think about this one.  When it’s this obvious, you just have to go with it.

The Denver Broncos will absolutely destroy the Kansas City Chiefs.  Too bold of a statement?  Have you been watching these two teams lately?

Kansas City is bad when completely healthy.  And they’re not completely healthy.  Their defense is questionable and their offense is non-existent.  I mean, they’re going back to Brady Quinn.  Do I need to say anything more?

Meanwhile, the Broncos are getting better every week.  By the time the playoffs begin, they may very well be the team to beat.

All of this means that, if the Broncos play anywhere near their potential, this game will be over by halftime.  And I see no reason to believe that the Chiefs can prevent them from happening!


This week’s Upset of the Week (7-5).

Here’s where things begin to get a bit tougher.  Some people think that Palmer’s return to Cincinnati will result in an upset.  The problem is Oakland isn’t good enough to help him out.

Although Atlanta has been pulling victories out of their…well, they’ve been finding ways to win when they had no business being in the game, I don’t think Tampa Bay has enough of an arsenal to hand them their second loss of the season.

Some have even thrown the idea by me that Jacksonville, fresh off their blown opportunity to upset Houston, will beat Tennessee.  Although I wouldn’t be completely shocked if they did, I don’t think they’re capable of putting together two great games in a row.

For those that have been following my picks this season, you shouldn’t be all that surprised by my pick for the Upset of the Week.

I am picking the Minnesota Vikings to hand the Chicago Bears their third loss in a row, dropping them out of sole possession of first place for the first time in several weeks.

It’s no secret that I have no faith in the Bear’s offense, even though I respect their defense as one of the best in the league.  However, the Vikings are playing very solid football on both side of the ball right now.  With the injury bug heavily infested in Chicago’s offense, the timing is right for Minnesota to strike.

It will be a very physical game, but the Vikings will find a way to put it in the end zone at least one more time than the Bears.


This week’s Game of the Week (10-2).

Once again, there are several games to choose from.  The Seahawks at the Dolphins should be a close battle.  The Rams’ rematch with the Cardinals should be a bloody affair as well.  The 49ers at the Saints could very well be the most exciting game of the week.

But I’m going with the Green Bay Packers at the N.Y. Giants.  The Packers are fast approaching the level they need to be when the playoffs hit.  Their defense is playing respectable with glimpses of exceptionalism (is that a word?).  As they get there stars back on offense, they will be at a lethal level once again.

The Giants have shown themselves to be great at times and terrible at times.  My gut tells me that, coming off their bye week, they will be rested and chomping at the bit to break some heads, as well as score some touchdowns.

It may take some time for this one to get going, but once the offensive coordinators figure out their competition, I would expect both quarterbacks to have career games, resulting in a good old fashioned shootout.

The last one to have the ball will most likely win.  I’m betting that team will be the home town Giants.



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