The football Gods have been good to me this holiday season.  They have given me three games to enjoy this Thanksgiving, and they all fit nicely into the three categories.  For this I am truly thankful.

This week’s Lock of the Week (9-2).

I can finally get away from picking Houston in this category, and after last week’s nail biter with the powerful Jaguars (yes, I’m being sarcastic), I am feeling very comfortable with my choice.

The New England Patriots will easily beat the Jekyll and Hyde N.Y. Jets.

There are two main reason (and a whole bunch of little ones) that this will happen.  First of all, you never know which Jets team will show up, the one that clicks on all cylinders or the one that couldn’t beat a high school team.

Last week they looked very solid against the Rams, which means that the high school team should be showing up in Foxboro today.

Meanwhile, the Patriots, after starting off the season looking iffy at best (yes, I meant to say ‘iffy’), have been looking better every week, as demonstrated in last week’s complete destruction of the Buffalo Bills.

Playing at home on Thanksgiving against their division rival Jets, a team that they clearly hold in contempt, can only inspire them to pick up where they left off last week.

The Patriots will win another blowout!

This week’s Upset of the Week (6-5).

I was actually surprised to find out that this pick is considered an upset in Vegas.  I am going with the Washington Redskins over the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys are one of the most unreliable teams in the league this season.  They outplay their opponents week after week, only to find a way to lose at the end.  Last week, they did the opposite.  They were outplayed by a clearly inferior team, but managed to squeak out the victory.

The coaching staff has lost faith in Tony Romo.  In fact, Mr. Romo seems to have lost his confidence, too.  The problem is they have no running backs this week.  Their top dogs are all hurt.  Even if one of them manages to dress out for the game, they will be at 50% at best.

Enter the Redskins.  This team was supposed to be rebuilding this season.  But with RGIII playing like a seasoned veteran, you can see his teammates beginning to climb on board the bandwagon.  They are beginning to look like a contender again.

They are not to the level of the John Riggins and the Hogs era, but they definitely are playing with confidence.  Playing at their rival Cowboys on Thanksgiving will only inspire them to be at the top of their game.

The Redskins will pull out the hard fought victory with a winning drive in the final minutes!

This week’s Game of the Week (9-2).

That leaves us with the Houston Texans at the Detroit Lions.  Does anyone out there not expect this to be a fantastic game to watch while the turkey is in the oven?

We have two powerful offenses going head to head.  Both teams have gunslinger quarterbacks, capable of putting up enormous numbers.  Both teams have Pro Bowl receivers. The Texans have a Pro Bowl running back, while the Lions have a future one in their lineup.

We have defenses that seem to be going in opposite directions.  The Texans began the season as one of the most feared units, but has been underachieving lately.  The Lions began the season as one of the most porous defenses, only to come to life lately.

Both teams are fighting for playoff spots.  Granted, the Texans are fighting for a top spot while the Lions are fighting for any spot.  This game is important to both teams.

Look for a game with several defensive highlights throughout the game, and occasional incredible offensive plays scattered here and there, resulting in a physical but high scoring affair.

Ultimately, the Houston Texans will walk away with the W!



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