Look out.  I was three for three for the second week in a row!  It’s getting scary.

This week’s slate of games looks to be the most exciting of the season.  There are some great matchups and they will certainly result in a handful of upsets.

This week’s Lock of the Week (6-2).

There are really only two games to choose from in this category this week.  At least according to the odds-makers.  I think there is only one game that’s a sure thing.

The Houston Texans will end things quickly as they host the Buffalo Bills.

The Texans were given a wake-up call a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t think they’ll need another one this season.  They are just too good, from top to bottom.

The Bills, on the other hand, are a classic case of Jekyll & Hyde.  One week they get destroyed by a team they should beat, and the next week they beat a team they should get destroyed by.

Which team will show up this week?  It doesn’t matter.  Even on their best day, the Bills will not beat the Texans in Houston.  Not this week!

This week’s Upset of the Week (4-4).

I thought I had picked three upsets this week, but it turns out that I only picked two.  (The Saints are actually favored to beat the Eagles on Monday!)

Of the two remaining upsets, I think I’m the only person in the sports world to pick one of them.  (You can try to figure out which game it is!)  Therefore, I’m going with the other one.

The Tennessee Titans will bring the Chicago Bears back to Earth, handing them their second loss of the season.

There are two main reasons for this.  First of all, the Titans have shown glimpses of being a real football team in recent weeks.  Johnson is finally beginning to remember what it’s like to be a running back, and the rest of the team seems to have gelled a bit over the past few weeks.

But the main reason is the fact that the Bears are not even close to being as good as their record.  I’m sorry fans, but I stand by that statement one hundred percent.  They are a hair’s distance from being 3-4 instead of 6-1, struggling mightily to edge out opponents that good teams would have blown away.

Granted, they have a scary good defense that creates turnovers and allows the offense to have good field position.  But Cutler and friends are extremely over rated and would be in the lower one third of NFL offenses if they had to start from their twenty yard line every time.

The Titans will hold on to the ball and expose the Bears for what they are…a slightly above average team, beating them in the final five minutes of the game.

This week’s Game of the Week (6-2).

There are several games on this week’s schedule that are sure to be entertaining.  It was a tough chore to narrow it down to one.  I considered the Broncos-Bengals, the Dolphins-Colts and the Steelers-Giants.  All will be exciting to watch.

However, I am going with the Cowboys-Falcons.

Go ahead; get it out of your system!  I’ll wait.

Are you done screaming and calling me names?  Don’t worry, I didn’t take it personal.  As a die-hard “any team but the Cowboys” fan my whole life, I completely understand.

Before you get too nuts on me, I am not picking the Cowboys to win.  The Falcons are too good to let that happen on a Sunday night in Atlanta.

But you cannot deny that Dallas has shown signs of offensive life in recent weeks.  Sure, they’ll choke when it gets to crunch time, but they’ll light it up before it reaches that point.

And what team has been more consistent than the Falcons?  Ryan is having a career year and they are not making many team mistakes.  They have had off days and still found a way to win in the end.

Meanwhile, Dallas has had some stellar games and yet still managed to find a way to lose.  Look for that to happen again.

The Falcons will win this one in the final minutes to stay unbeaten!



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