I almost ran out of time this week, but I couldn’t bear the thought of not sharing my life lessons this week.  So here they are.

1)      Okay, I was wrong about the whole ‘Genius’ thing!

Three weeks ago, I declared Rex Ryan to be a genius, since he obviously had the world fooled (see THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEKEND (from watching sports), dated 9/10/12).  We thought the Jets were a terrible team, but they came out and destroyed the Buffalo Bills in week one.

Two weeks ago, the Steelers brought the team back down to Earth.

This past week, the world’s original opinion was proven to be accurate after all, as a talented (and very angry) 49ers team came to town and destroyed the Jets in every way imaginable.

With the rumors flying all week about bringing in Tebow, and the fact that they have lost their best defensive player and best offensive player for the season, the Jets are doomed to become the worst team in the NFL.

2)      Good officiating really IS appreciated!

Did you see the standing ovation they received as they walked on to the field in Thursday night’s Ravens/Browns game?  Enough said!

3)      Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!

Let’s look at some stats, shall we?  Miami QB Tannehill – 26 for 41 for 431 yards and a touchdown.  Miami WR Hartline – twelve receptions for 253 yards and a touchdown (an 80 yard TD).  Miami defense – eight sacks for 55 yards, two interceptions.  Final score – Arizona 24 – Miami 21 in overtime.

Cardinals QB Kolb, who was running for his life all game, orchestrated a game-tying touchdown scoring drive in the final two minutes of regulation.  In overtime, the team proceeded to move downfield again and kicked the field goal for the W.

The Cardinals, known for their defense and special teams play, looked underwhelming in both categories.  But when they needed the plays at the end, they had just enough luck in their bag of magic tricks to make it happen.

Meanwhile, Miami has some new team records to go with their loss!

4)      I have no idea who the Eagles are (or the Giants, Cowboys, Vikings, Bears……!

A couple of weeks ago, we watched this Eagles team give up more sacks, hits, knockdowns, hurries, etc., etc. than any QB should be allowed to endure.  Vick had more turnovers all by himself than most other teams.  Yet they managed to win their first two games before being blown out by Arizona in week three.

Naturally, when they were lined up in week four to tangle with the N.Y. Giants, the results were projected to be obvious.  The Giants would learn from what they’d seen the previous three weeks and come after Vick all game.

Then something strange happened.  Vick was only sacked twice for ten yards, did not throw an interception or lose a fumble.  Thanks to a missed Giants field goal at the end of the game, they held on for a 19-17 victory and a 3-1 record.

Which leads us to the Giants.  They have a stud QB, a stud RB, a couple of stud WRs, a good offensive line and a solid defense.  Yet they have a 2-2 record.

The Cowboys look great one week, and then look like a high school team the next.  A horrible offensive line and too many huge egos will not allow this team to be good this year.

The Vikings continue to overachieve, sitting with a 3-1 record.  They are tied with the Bears, another overachieving team, on top of the NFC North division.  Meanwhile the favorites in that division, Green Bay and Detroit, are at the bottom with 2-2 and 1-3 records.

It’s been a strange first quarter indeed!!


One Response to “THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEKEND (from watching sports) – WEEK FOUR”

  1. I agree I feel like the only certain teams so far have been texans, falcons and we can also say we know the browns are bad!

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