Well I got a little bit of redemption last week, getting two out of three correct, after going 0-3 in week 2.  Unfortunately, my Lock of the Week pick is starting to look like the Madden’s Curse.

I’ve received thousands of emails from fans all over the world, begging me not to pick their teams this week.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated just a tad, but I did talk to someone this week about it and he really didn’t want me to pick his favorite team.  Since I’m such a nice guy, I’m not going to pick Oakland this week!

Let’s begin with this week’s Lock of the Week (1-2).

This week’s pick was really an easy one to make.  There is only one team this week that is favored by ten or more points.  They just happened to be one of three undefeated teams and have been hailed by experts near and far as the best team in the league.

That’s right, the Houston Texans are this week’s Lock, as they host the Tennessee Titans.  On paper, the Texans should cover the spread, and then some.  But then again, the 49ers should have done the same thing last week at Minnesota, and look what happened!

Right now, Houston is healthy and clicking on both sides of the ball.  Their dynamic duo RBs are running at will and Andre the Giant hasn’t even had one hamstring issue yet (he’s way overdue).

On defense, they are monsters and can handle the run as well as the pass.

The Titans discovered a few weapons of their own last week, after sleepwalking the first two weeks.  Their passing game got on track in a big way against a very suspect Lion’s defense.  If only Chris Johnson could remember what a running back is supposed to do (no, not hold out for more money), this offense could be a solid threat.

Unfortunately, they don’t get the Lions again, they get the Texans.

Houston wins this one going away!

Next up, this week’s Upset of the Week (1-2).

I hate to keep picking on these guys, but the odds-makers keep making them favorites, so what am I supposed to do?

The New York Giants will beat the Philadelphia Eagles.  I don’t care that the game is being played in Philly, the Giants watched the Cardinals pulverize the Eagles offensive line and brutally punish Vick all day last week.  Do you really think they won’t do the same thing?

The only way the Eagles stay in this game is if two things happen.  One – they must get McCoy’s ground game going from the very start.  Two – they must stop (not contain) Eli Manning.

If they don’t succeed at either one of those, the Giants will win this one going away.

Last up is this week’s Game of the Week (2-1).

The Green Bay Packers over the New Orleans Saints.  Okay, go ahead, get it out of your system!

Are you done calling me all kinds of names yet?  Good!

I understand that these two teams have a combined 1-5 record.  I also understand that neither team has anything that resembles a professional defense.

But let’s be real, when was the last time there was an opportunity for a 56-55 final score in the NFL?

And be honest, you had this game circled before the season started, didn’t you?  I know I did.  The fact that neither team has started the season with a bang doesn’t change the fact that they have two of the most explosive offensive systems in the league.

Now that they will both be playing against weak defenses, the sky is the limit for points being scored.

The reason I’m picking the Packers is simple.  They sort of have a defense.  It may not be good, but it does exist.  The Saints, on the other hand, have no defense.  You can be sure that Rogers will not be sacked eight times in this game, like he was last week in the first half alone!

And when Rogers has time, there isn’t a defense he can’t shred.

Let the fireworks begin!



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