The first two weeks of the NFL season are always difficult to predict.  My records in each of the three categories show this, but I’m still going to share them with you.  You’ll find them in brackets (correct-wrong) for the rest of the season.

Let’s begin with this week’s Lock of the Week (1-1).

With the parity in the league this season, it’s difficult to pick a clear-cut, sure-thing, no-doubt-about-it winner of any game.  However, one game seems to jump out at me this week.

Even though they’re on the road, I’ve got to go with the San Francisco 49ers over the Minnesota Vikings.

The fact that they’re a better team is not enough to ensure a victory this season (just ask New England).  However, the 49ers have begun their season by knocking off the top two teams in the NFC North division, winning at Green Bay and at home over Detroit.

I don’t think that anything Minnesota has to offer scares anyone on this San Francisco team.  Sure, Adrian Peterson seems to be back at nearly full strength, but there’s not much more on the Viking offense to scare one the best defenses in the league.

On top of that, the 49ers offense appears to be the most solid unit they’ve had in years, with Gore running at will and Smith making very few mistakes.  Minnesota has too many holes on defense to keep this machine out of the end zone.

Look for San Francisco to control the clock and put this away before the fourth quarter begins.

Next up, this week’s Upset of the Week (0-2).

This is another case of me reading the odds makers picks and saying ”HUH?”  I know the first instinct of most people is to pick any east coast team to beat the Cardinals, but I’m going with the Arizona Cardinals over the Philadelphia Eagles.

I understand that there has been a quarterback controversy in Arizona that has resulted in a below-average offensive game so far.  I also know that the Eagles have some very good offensive weapons of their own in Vick, McCoy, Jackson and Maclin (who will not suit up this week).

However, that’s just what’s on paper.  You need to look further at both of these teams.

First of all, the Eagles should be 0-2, not 2-0.  They looked terrible against a very bad Cleveland Brown team, and then did everything they could to give the game away last week against the Baltimore Ravens.  They won both games by one point.

The Cardinals, meanwhile, have had one of the best defenses in the league so far, especially in the red zone. In last week’s upset victory at New England, they only ran one blitz all day because their down lineman were monsters in trenches.

On top of that, the Arizona special teams have been clicking, blocking several kicks and punts to go with the dangerous return threat of Patrick Peterson.

Add in the home field advantage and I’ve got to pick the Arizona Cardinals over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Last up is this week’s Game of the Week (1-1).

I didn’t have to think about this one very long.  Well, let me re-phrase that.  It was easy to pick which game would be the game of the week.  Picking the winner?  Not so easy!

For the game, it’s an easy choice.  The New England Patriots at the Baltimore Ravens are going to put on a great show.

Both teams are coming off losses in week two games they appeared to have locked up.  So they’ll both be hungry for redemption this week.  On top of that, they don’t like each other very much, so it should be a very physical game.

New England has a good offense and a mediocre defense.  Baltimore has a good offense and good defense, and they are at home.

I think it will be close, but I’m going with the Baltimore Ravens over the New England Patriots.

We’ll see if week three is kinder to me than week two was, where I went 0 for 3!



  1. Wow a really great post! I agree with everything you say just about. I can very well see Cardinals upsetting the Eagles in that game. I actually picked the Eagles to escape with another victory they prolly shouldnt win. My biggest upset is the packers losing! Seahawks defense to go with Marshawn will result in my upset of the week!

    • With my record so far in upsets (0-2), I wouldn’t be smart to argue with you about the Cards-Eagles game. With the Packers traveling to Seattle, the loudest stadium in the league, an upset by the Seahawks wouldn’t be a huge surprise either. If Lynch has his way with the Packer’s D, it could be over quickly!

      • well good call on the cardinals upset! i thought kolb was going to be out and i like him more then skelton.. but lets see if the seahawks can make me look somewhat smart haha

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