Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, take a deep breath.  That’s right, in then out, in then out.  Now, put down that club and let’s talk about this! 

I know what you’re thinking.  I’ve lived in Phoenix for several decades.  How could I possibly think that this was a good move for the Phoenix Suns? 

That’s a legitimate question.  After all, for the past eight seasons, Steve Nash has kept this franchise playing better than they should have.  When they were a good team, he made them a title contender.  When they were an average team, he made them a playoff team. 

He helped several players obtain stats that they never would have achieved on their own, which is generally what became obvious when they chose to leave the Valley of the Sun for another team.  The “star” would go to another team and begin to blend in with their new team, rather than lead them to glory.  I don’t need to name names.  You know who I’m talking about! 

Then why would I think that this move is a good one?  Let’s look at the ways that it is a good move for everyone. 

First, let’s look at the Suns.  During the course of the past two seasons, it has become painfully obvious (and I mean very painfully) that the current Suns roster is in a terrible situation.  The team is not good enough to be considered a serious threat, even if they were to snag the #7 or #8 spot in the playoffs. 

Unfortunately, they aren’t bad enough to drop down into a lottery pick in the draft, which means they will continue to hover in the mediocrity zone for seasons to come, unless something drastic is done. 

Let me grab that club and hide it in the closet before I make my next statement.  Okay, here goes…it’s Nash’ fault that they are in this situation! 

I’ll just wait a minute until that beat red color leaves your face! 

Let me explain.  As I stated already, Steve Nash makes the players around him better.  It is for this very reason that the Suns will remain mediocre if he stays.  Because the remainder of the roster is not a playoff team. 

The only way that the Suns will get better is to blow up the current team and rebuild, like the Oklahoma City Supersonics did a few years ago, before anyone realized that they changed their name to the Thunder. 

This means that the Suns had to say goodbye to Nash and begin the rebuilding process.  This trade allows them to do just that.  In return for the future Hall of Famer, they will be getting two number one picks and two number two picks over the next three years.  In addition, it opened enough cap space to allow them to go after a handful of free agents, which they immediately did.  It’s looking like Goren Dragic will be returning to the valley.  Michael Beasley appears to be ready to join him. 

The Suns have also made an offer to restricted free agent Eric Gordon, but New Orleans has made noise about matching any offer that is out there.  Don’t be surprised if the Suns end up utilizing one of their newly acquired draft picks to help grease the skids on that deal. 

Now, let’s take a look at how the Lakers will benefit from this move.  It won’t take nearly as long to explain. 

Last season, the Lakers found themselves sitting near the bottom of the entire league in assists per game from their point guard position.  That meant that Kobe Bryant had to be the floor manager, ball handler and point scorer in order for the Lakers to succeed (which they did not – at least not to Laker’s standards).  And all of this while having to play one on three. 

Add the greatest, or at least one of the top three assist men of all time, and Kobe can now concentrate on scoring against simple double teams or moving without the ball.  You’re going to see Kobe’s stats improve.  You’re going to see the Lakers points per game improve by six to eight points per game.  And you’re going to see the Lakers back in contention for the Western Conference title again. 

Finally, this is a great move for Steve Nash.  For all of the incredible accomplishments that he has achieved during his career, he has never been able to get the ring.  With only a few years left in his career, he actually will have a legitimate shot at it now. 

Will I miss seeing him in a Suns uniform?  Absolutely!  Do I think the valley has had a pro athlete of his caliber and level of integrity before?  A couple, but definitely few and far between! 

Do I wish him well on his new team?  Of course.  I’ll be rooting for his personal success for about 77 or 78 games a year!  I can’t say with a straight face that I will be rooting for the Lakers.  That simply will not happen.  Ever! 

But for now, I can definitely say, with a straight face, that this trade is a great move for everyone!



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