Now that round two is finally over, we all face the daunting task of searching the shambles that once were our brackets for something to be encouraged about.  The scene resembles the gathering of the dead after a classic battle between the Greeks and Trojans in the epic movie Troy

If I were an eternal pessimist, I would focus on the fact that I only have eleven teams remaining as we enter into the sweet sixteen.  Everyone expects a few upsets in the early rounds, but to have two #2s and a #4 go down in flames in the first round is laying the groundwork for a crazy final two weeks of basketball. 

I could also dwell on the fact that I had a measly 22-10 record in round one and an 11-5 record in round two.  Or I could really beat myself up over the fact that one of the #2 teams that got knocked off in round one was one of my final four teams. 

How depressing would that be?  Well, that’s just not the way I choose to look at things.  You see, the remainder of the brackets don’t look all that bad.  You don’t agree?  Let’s take a look. 

First, let’s take that half empty glass and fill it up half way.  Of the remaining teams in the tournament, seven of my eight choices to win in the next round are still alive.  How many people can say that?  I know I usually can’t, so I’m pretty happy. 

Next, my dark horse in the tournament was North Carolina State, which I took a lot of grief about.  Guess what…they’re still alive!  I was told by most that they’d be lucky to get past San Diego State and that there would be no way they would beat Georgetown.  What did I know?  I picked them anyway.  I don’t see them getting past Kansas, but then again, I didn’t think Purdue would give Kansas such a battle either. 

And how about South Florida, a team that had to beat California in a pre-round-one game just to get into the show, and Ohio University?  Did anyone pick that matchup?  I doubt it.  How cool is it that one of these teams will be in the round of eight? 

That’s right folks, there’s still plenty to be optimistic about.  There are going to be some great games coming up over the next two weeks, some involving teams that nobody thought would still be there.  I can’t wait!!



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