Man, I just love it when I’m right, don’t you?  I mean, it’s human nature to feel good about being right.  So why not let it brighten up your day when it happens.  Let’s face it, nobody’s right all the time.  We are all wrong once in a while.  Even I thought I was wrong once, but was mistaken.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

So what am I going on and on about?  Well, I can sum it all up with one name — Jeremy Lin!

That’s right, Jeremy Lin.  What, you may ask, was I right about?  I never even posted about Jeremy Lin, so how could I stand here gloating about being right?

Very good question.  Let me explain.  First of all, I like Jeremy Lin and the excitement he has brought back to a sport that is in desperate need of a shot in the arm.  Let’s face it, the NBA has really been a PR nightmare for their promoters lately, with its reputation sinking more every year.  And that’s a shame, given the incredible history of the sport and the league.

And let me make a clarification before too many of you start sending me hate mail.  Jeremy Lin has done nothing wrong.  He is not what I am gloating about.  No, I’m talking about the topic of the ‘experts’ that drove me to create this blog in the first place (see the Welcome message for more information on what I’m talking about).

Think about it for a moment.  The experts that follow the NBA saw the young Lin come out of nowhere to excite crowds everywhere, especially New York, when the league was struggling to get anything good written about them.  So they pounced with all their might, declaring him to be the next saviour of the league.  They analyzed every play he made, every point he scored, every assist he dished out.  You had to search deep to find headlines about anyone else in the league.  Yes, folks, Jeremy Lin was placed high atop the media pedestal.  The experts placed all of their gold coins on his marker, believing that it was a sure win for them.

There was only one problem with that game plan.  The other players in the league didn’t feel like stepping aside and letting this kid take over the spotlight, at least not without a fight.  Ask Jason Williams how he felt about all the hoopla over the new sensation of New York.  Actually, you don’t have to.  He showed us all last week when he destoyed the youngster, bringing him crashing back down to Earth.

That was followed up by Miami shutting him down and causing him to have nearly as many turnovers as points.  One by one, the other teams in the league have begun to figure out how to stop the guy, or at least contain him.  You see, that’s how this game is played.  Someone new to the scene comes along and shocks everyone, at least until the opposition figures out his weaknesses.  Once they are exposed, he becomes normal again.

I don’t think he’ll fall back into obscurity, because he definitely has the talent to sustain a very good career, but I don’t see him as the next Michael Jordan, and I never did.  And if the experts were honest, they would admit that they never did either.

So why did they all jump on the bandwagon like they did?  Well I have my opinion on that, and you all know by now what that is.  But I’d rather listen to them squirm while trying to explain it to us for themselves, so I will stop my little speech right here.

But while I’m waiting to hear their explanations, you know I’ll be sitting back and smiling from ear to ear.  Don’t you just love being right?!!



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